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Brothers and Sisters --

Your union negotiating team is pleased to report that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was ratified by 75% of the members of AFSCME Local 619, was signed yesterday by both President Nick Melendrez and Vice-President Adrian Ponce! Unfortunately, Chief Negotiator Adam Acosta had a recent loss in the family and is now on a brief bereavement leave. He is scheduled to sign the MOU as soon as he is back in a few days.

Among its highlights, the MOU locks in the excellent benefit package enjoyed by current full-time members through June 30, 2014. This includes 100% Employer-paid family health insurance and retirement benefits and 3-year No Layoff/No Furlough provisions for all full-timers, except those in the CCPA. We also gained a union-sponsored short-term disability benefit, guarantees for payment of step increases, the creation of a joint labor-management committee, 15 uniforms per year and a 9/80 work-week study. The agreement represents many achievements that we went to bat for, and won.
On the other hand, the City, despite our efforts to reach a compromise, insisted on singling out one group of employees by providing only one year of job security for CCPA's full-time staff,  rather than the three years that the rest of City staff get.

In addition, we have responded below to a number of misleading statements made by City management recently:

1. All union representatives have been fully prepared to support and/or sign the MOU, in accordance with the overwhelming membership ratification vote that took place on July 6. False accusations by Personnel Risk Manager Patricia Leyva on July 19, alleging certain purposeful "delays" are purely fabricated. In fact, Ms. Leyva knows very  well that Adam Acosta had a pre-scheduled week-long vacation, which was always on the radar.

2. AFSCME Executive Director Cheryl Parisi confirmed to management in Adam's absence that the union fully intends to sign the ratified agreement. She also noted, however, that it is standard practice to take a few days to thoroughly review the MOU language, so that in any case, there was no harm in waiting those few days for Adam's return from vacation. It is unfortunate the City has tried to create a "scandal" about nothing.

3. As it happened, upon your union's thorough review of the documents, we found several clerical and grammatical errors, some quite obvious. Most management negotiators that AFSCME deals with would welcome the opportunity to clean up official documentation to look professional for final signatures. Cerritos' management negotiators have so far refused, even in those cases where there were clear clerical mistakes. Their refusal is unprofessional, let alone discourteous.

Moving beyond all of this, as we hope very much to do, we remain committed to fighting for every one of our members, and to providing exceptional public services to the residents of Cerritos.

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